Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Orgasm ever, and How-to give a Mind-Blowing Blowjob

"That... that was the best... the biggest orgasm I've ever had!" Mr R gasped. I lifted my face, slowly letting him slide out of my smiling mouth.
You see, since the dreaded UTI we haven't been able to do much other than one day of lovin'. I suggested I can do other things, but with his proper upbringing, he was lead to believe it was rather demeaning to women (makes sense now why he didn't want me to do that the first time) and that all women hated it. With my last boyfriend--cough, of which we shall not speak--definitely. Hated getting his piss-smelling foot-shaped donk near my mouth. At it's length, it was impossible to gobble correctly anyway and my jaw always got tired.
With Mr R, I give a sexy smile and kind of narrow my eyes as I move down him, kissing down his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. When i get to his belt, i flick my eyes up innocently. "May I?" Guys fucking love this. You know that old saying about smiling? Fake it till you make it? Act like his cock is your one meal of the day, that you can't get enough of its smell, its feel, and its taste.
After I've undone his belt, I usually run my nails back up his chest and kiss him softly on the mouth, not deeply either, just a soft kiss to leave him wanting more.
I run my fingertips under the edge of the waistband of his boxers. I let my hands stroke up and down his figure let I never felt it before.
While his cock is still alive and well in his boxers, I breathe hotly over it, stroking it very gently with my fingers. I do this a few times, even nuzzling it with my nose, glancing up to him so he can see my look of practiced pleasure and anticipation.
down come the shorts and out it springs. I start off grasping it firmly at the base-watch out for hair!--and lick up the shaft vertically, so his cock drags down my bottom lips. I rub the tip over my lips a few times like that, then swirl my tongue out over that tip. (Yeah, ladies--it tastes sometimes like urine. One you attempt to deep throat, you'll have enough saliva to wash it off. Don't worry. ignore the smell and get busy!)
After gently sucking up and down the underside of his penis, DEEP THROAT TIME. I have devised this way of deep throating where I can still breathe just fine during. So you shove it into the back of your throat, where the tip hammers against your pallate. But with the up-and-down motion, shoving in and out (still using your slick hand at the base, mind you), you can sneak in some moments of breath as it slides back out and in again.
when I'm gagging, i just use the extra saliva to get him extra slick. Big deal if you gag, likely you wont throw up if you hold your breath for a few moments, and if you pull him back out, give a big smile up at him, work him with your hand, and focus your lips again on the tip and the shaft.
Mr R is a very serious person who doesn't talk during sex usually, except that one German lesson (so weird), but I like to throw in some dirty talk.
"I love the taste of your cock in my mouth!" "I want you to cum all the way down my throat." "Fill me with your cum" "Oh god I love it!" "I haven't felt this way with anyone... I just can't get enough of your cock!"
This is my usual dialogue, feel free to steal, just spice it up according to his likes and dislikes.
As he's about to shoot (and even if he's not a big talker, you'll know ladies by the extra hardness and mounting girth, also, balls tighten--sweet) I have him on the front of my mouth so I don't necessarily have to swallow. then after the biggest burst is over, I jam him down into my throat again. Well, not really jamming, I'm using some violont adjectives, but you get the idea. If you don't want to swallow, that's fine. Close your throat off until he's done coming, then give his limpening penis a few innocent and tender licks to send it to bed. :)

Mr R was panting and near the verge of passing-out when I was done with him. "I think I saw.... the universe..." he whispered. It was entirely satisfying. And all this coming from a girl who seriously hated the idea of sucking cock. But look at young Jenna Jameson--use her enthusiasm. Pretend. :)

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